Policy, Politics, and Community Engagement

Repolify is a tech startup enabling businesses, charities, government professionals and media to effectively and affordably monitor policy and engage with communities

Our mission

Policy monitoring is manual and expensive. It’s difficult to stay on top of decision-making processes and engage in shaping policies. We will offer a solution.

Enhancing Information Flow

Making policy and regulatory analysis accessible and affordable

Improving Transparency

Explaining the process of policy creation and governmental decision-making

Facilitating Political Engagement

Providing tools for meaningful and efficient engagement

In cooperation with

What we offer

A policy monitoring platform for corporations and policy professionals looking for capable, scalable and cost-effective solution. Accurate AI - powered analysis, tailored updates, robust research features and feedback functionality: ideal for supporting compliance and lobbying teams across sectors.

Policy monitoring tools aiding smaller teams to stay informed, compliant and engaged. This offer will open up the doors to policy engagement and affordable compliance for those previously excluded from the market due to the cost and complexity of current solutions.

Community engagement tools to provide a stream of verifiable feedback from stakeholders or local residents. Your community will stay informed about what you do and why. The platform features ground-up initiatives, surveys and consultations, enabling effective 2-way communication that facilitates trust.

Who this is for

Business & NGOs

Repolify’s core B2B offer is based on tailored policy analytics powered by our tracking technology. We cater to SMEs, startups, trade unions, research institutions, established corporations, NGOs and the media.

Public Sector

Our community engagement tool will revolutionize the way civil society and businesses interact with decision-makers on all levels of governance. Information on feedback and preferences of users will be ethically collected and analyzed to facilitate informed decision-making.

General Public

The paradigm of benefiting wider society underpins everything we do. Thus, when we are ready we want to develop a comprehensive B2C solution, with its basic functionality available for free for all. This will be designed to inform society about political and policy changes as well as help everyone take active part in the process.

Why we are different

Automated and effective flow of Information

Our platform goes beyond traditional policy monitoring employing custom-made AI tech, simplifying and explaining the complex political and regulatory landscape accurately and in a personalized manner

Advanced Data Protection and Voting Systems

We use Distributed Ledger Technology to enable secure blockchain-based voting, feedback and interaction analysis. Unlike others, we do not allow for interactions-based targeted advertisement

Scale and Affordability

Unlike our competitors, we use AI beyond just text summaries and email suggestions. Repolify automates gathering and analysis of information on policy and law, providing affordable & accurate policy monitoring at scale

Ethical Business Practice & Positive Social Impact

We're committed to a high standard of business ethics and a positive impact in everything we do, from AI model training to data protection, ensuring fair access to our tools for all

Stay tuned

For Investor & Partners

Join us in reshaping the future of policy monitoring. Invest in an innovative platform that drives efficiency at scale.

For Early Customers

Be a part of our proof-of-concept phase, and collaborate with us to co-create the tool and boost its impact.